British Co-operative Clinical Group (BCCG)

The British Co-operative Clinical Group (BCCG) was established in 1951 “for the immediate purpose of collecting information concerning the venereal diseases from case records available in this country” (British Journal of Venereal Diseases 1952; 28: 101). Subsequently the wider range of clinical presentations has been accompanied by a change in name and role of clinics in the specialty and, as a consequence, a wider range of interest for the BCCG.

The group conducts studies involving all the Genito-urinary Medicine clinics in the UK. Studies are co-ordinated by the Honorary Secretary through a network of regional representatives all of whom are consultants in Genito-urinary Medicine. Epidemiologists from the Public Health Laboratory Service Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (CDSC) belong to the BCCG and bring their expertise to the design and analysis of various studies. In recent years the group has collaborated with other organisations on some research projects.

Recently completed studies involving the BCCG

The BCCG current projects are:

Proposals for new projects

Any proposals for surveys suitable for the BCCG to undertake would be welcome on the website.

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Current Membership of BCCG

A B Alawattegama, M Browning, C A Carne (Chairman), G Crowe, A M De Ruiter, W W Dinsmore, S Edwards, K Fenton, M Huengsberg, G Hughes, P Kell, G R Kinghorn, D Mandal, R D Maw (Honorary Secretary), A McMillan, D Mercey, E Monteiro, A T Nayagam, A Opaneye, S Rajamanoharan, K Rogstad, D Rowen, M Shahmanesh, C Skinner, I Weller, J Willcox.