About Us

Historical Background

The MSSVD was founded in 1922 to facilitate the exchange of scientific information related to sexually transmitted diseases and to co-ordinate efforts at control and prevention of these infections.

The Society is an unincorporated association registered as a charity with the Charity Commission in England (Charity number 264744).

Teaching and training have always been of the highest priority. The Society’s Journal, “The Bristish Journal of Venereal Diseases”, was first published in 1924 and in 1984 was re-named “Genitourinary Medicine”. In 1998 a further change in name to “Sexually Transmitted Infections” was made. Initially published by MacMillan, the Journal was passed to the British Medical Association shortly after World War II and continues its bi-monthly publication from the BMJ stable.


The Society currently consists of 657 UK and about 101 overseas members (Dec 2000). Traditionally the membership is made up of medical practitioners and scientists in the field of medicine. But in recognition of the changing face of clinical practice, and in acknowledgement of the benefits of multidisciplinary teamwork, a vote was taken in 1998 to widen the membership to include other healthcare workers.

Membership is open to all Consultants, Associate Specialists and Doctors in Training in Genitourinary Medicine* and allied fields, as well as NCCGs, Staff Grade Doctors, Clinical Assistants, Hospital Practitioners, SCMO/CMO, plus Nurses, Health Advisors, Laboratory Scientists and Psychologists.

We aim to improve education, training and communication between health workers. We welcome membership of people whose work in the field covers a wide variety of skills including:

People committed to the speciality and to the provision of a sound forward-looking basis to ensure continuing high quality care of patients as well as effective levels of public health.

Benefits of membership